Week of January 9-13, 2012:


We will spell words that have r-controlled vowel sounds.

Words for the Week:

                    third          early          world

                    certain      dirty           herself

                   earth          word           perfect

                  verb           nerve         worm

                   thirsty       workout      earn

                 **Challenge words:  determine          commercial          whirlwind          worthwhile          virtual

**Parents:  Third grade has decided to change over to a multiple choice spelling test each week.  When students see questions on the TCAP test in the spring, they will be instructed to answer those using multiple choice, so we are working on getting them prepared for that method of assessment.  The pretest will still be taken as it has been since August; however, the Thursday assessment will now be multiple choice.  In my class, it still stands that if they make a 100 on the pretest, then they are exempt from the Thursday test.  The dictation sentences at the end of the multiple choice test will sometimes be used as bonus questions, but the challenge words count the same as the 15 regular words.


We will identify subject and object pronouns.


We will be reading "Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest."  This is a non-fiction story about various record-setting places of the world.  Help your child by having them read this story out loud to you each night this week.    The skill for the week is compare and contrast.  In this story, there are many different elements to find similarities and differences between.

Words to Know:  average, peak, depth, waterfalls, deserts, outrun, tides


We will write descriptive stories this week.  More specifically, we will write to describe a setting.  It is important to remember to engage your five senses when you write to describe something.