Literacy Centers

I try to model my literacy centers after "The Daily Five."  You can find more information about the practice in my Links sections, but basically, there are five elements of reading that children need to participate in each day: 

  • Reading to Self
  • Reading to Someone
  • Listening to Good Reading
  • Writing
  • Word Work

Since we have 30 minutes as a whole group of Read to Self time while I am working with an RTI group, I do not have that as a literacy center.  My centers are as follows:

  • Buddy Reading
  • Computers
  • Listening
  • Top Ten
  • Word Work
  • Writing/Poetry

Each child will go to two centers per day, three days per week (Tuesday-Thursday).  Children are grouped with either one or two other peers in a heterogenous arrangement.  Children have a literacy center folder that goes with them.  That is where they keep work that is still "under construction" as well as finished work that is ready for me to check.  We use Mondays to introduce the skills and topics to cover.  We use Fridays to catch up if there is any unfinished work from the week.

More to come soon!